First Game Donkey Kong (1981)
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Gender Male
Homeland Brooklyn, New York, U.S. (formerly)
Mushroom Kingdom
Kindred Family: Luigi (Twin Brother),Wario (Cousin)


Enemies: Wario (Frenemy)

Race Human
Alternative Form(s) Dr. Mario (Doctor Form)
Bee Mario
Boo Mario
Fire Mario
Ice Mario
Tanooki Mario
Metal Mario
Wing Mario
Penguin Mario
Shell Mario
Mega Mario
Mini Mario
Rock Mario
Cloud Mario
Propeller Mario
Spring Mario
Raccoon Mario
Rabbit Mario
Frog Mario
Super Mario
Hammer Mario
Cape Mario
Rainbow Mario
Boomerang Mario
Gold Mario
Flying Squirrel Mario
Cat Mario
Baby Mario (baby form)
Voiced by Peter Cullen
(Sunday Supercade)
Lou Albano
(The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
Walker Bone
(The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World)
Bob Hoskins (Super Mario Bros.)
Charles Martinet